Figures around the children of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán Loera, the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, had a week full of setbacks last week.

First, Mexican institutions reported the arrest of alias ‘El Nini’, the alleged head of the bodyguards of ‘Los Chapitos’. The death of alias “El Mago,” a person who was said to “work for a son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, was then reported.

Univision News indicated that Eduardo Escobedo, aka “El Mago,” was murdered in Willowbrook, Los Angeles, California.

Escobedo was found shot to death in the Willowbrook industrial area on the morning of Thursday, November 23, 2023. The aforementioned news network noted that deputies went to the scene after receiving a tip and found Escobedo dead.

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He wasn’t the only one murdered at dawn last Thursday. According to media reports, the other victim was Guillermo De Los Ángeles Jr.. A third person was taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds.

Apparently there was a party or gathering in the area the night before the attack.

Lieutenant Omar Camacho

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The life of Escobedo, alias “El Mago”

They pointed out that Escobedo “is alleged to have collaborated with the eldest son of ‘Chapo’, Iván Archivaldo Guzmán, by distributing marijuana in the city and laundering the profits with the purchase of exotic cars and then sending them to Culiacán, Sinaloa “, El Financiero reported in March. November 27.

According to Univisie. Escobedo paid prison time. He had served a prison sentence “for conspiracy to distribute marijuana and launder drug proceeds.”

“El Mago” spent several years behind bars – El Financiero noted – after pleading guilty to drug distribution and money laundering.

After he regained his freedom in 2018, they highlighted that “he had become involved in several businesses” related to the sale of food.

He opened a chain of restaurants and lunch boxes and on his Instagram account he appears in photos with boxer Floyd Mayeeather and actor Al Pacino.

Before his conviction and subsequent release, “he was considered the most important marijuana distributor in Los Angeles for Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s eldest son, “Iván Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar.”

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Noticias Telemundo added that the alias “El Mago” was accused of “ordering the death of a rival drug trafficker.”

He was shot dead in 2008, “but he was never prosecuted for the murder. However, his brother and another subject were sentenced to life imprisonment.”