When the last month of the year approaches, people usually put their creativity to the test when decorating the Christmas tree, and the most meticulous people look for balance in feng shui while harnessing energy.

Those who rely on this Chinese philosophy try to organize space in a way that harnesses the forces and establishes harmony within the home, they explain on the website Architecture and Design.

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Decorations for the Christmas tree, according to Feng Shui

When the energy is stimulated and the house is kept in order, good vibes are attracted, which is why decorating the Christmas tree on the December date and knowing how to set it up to attract wealth is just as important as decorating the rest of the year.

The arrangement process also includes a family act, but it is important to know which elements you can use to attract abundance to your home in 2024.

According to Feng Shui there are certain decorative accessories that should not be omitted if the intention is to attract the best finances.

According to a review by El Heraldo de México, the Christmas tree itself should not be missing in the home and is essential for attracting money since it is associated with the element of earth.

Following the guidelines of a practice of Taoist origin, certain specifications must be followed when decorating to create abundance in the days to come.

Five decorations you can hang on the Christmas tree

1. First of all, the use of decorations must be considered, for example such as colored ballsin perfect condition, since the corrupted ones will bring negative things.

2. The Mexican media add that among the recommendations of Feng Shui is the use of decorations with candy which can be in the form of sticks, lollipops or chocolates, to increase wealth, as these are associated with prosperity.

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3. magic paper strips where you write your financial wishes and then put them in a yellow envelope that is associated with wealth, according to the TV Azteca publication.

4. Create small canvas bags Simulate money bags and fill them with aromatic herbs like bay leaf or cinnamon as they are known to attract prosperity into the home.

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5. Place Shining stars promote a positive flow of energy and money, according to the media Informador. Stars are seen in feng shui as a symbol of luck and success, so it is recommended to use them when decorating the Christmas tree. (AND)