For decades, people have used computer programs and applications to perform tasks such as writing a document, sending an email, and reading the news.

The same thing happened with the arrival of the smartphone. The software allows you to open an application and perform that app’s functions, aided in part by virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

But so far there is still no device or program that does that integrate all services from a computer or smartphoneand that too have extensive knowledge of your life, your interests, your career and your emotional relationships.

That will change in five years artificial intelligenceinsures Bill Gatesthe founder of Microsofton his personal blog.

Artificial intelligence will soon be able to do the work that only a human, such as a “personal assistant” or a “good friend,” can do. That means knowing you and using that information to perform tasks for you.

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You don’t have to use different apps for different tasks. You simply tell your device what you want to do in everyday language. And depending on the amount of information you want to share with it, the software will be able to respond personally because it will have a rich insight into your life,” the technology expert suggested.

He predicts that in the near future, everyone will be able to have a personal assistant that exceeds the standards of current technology.

Some of the characteristics that these ‘agents’, as Gates calls them, will have are that they are more personal, not limited to simple tasks, develop a powerful understanding of the people, places and activities in which you participate, and help you take or implement decisions.

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Gates points that out agents will be smart and proactive, able to perform tasks in different applications, remember patterns in your behaviorAnd offer your help.

The difference with today’s ‘bots’ is that they are usually limited to a single application, obeying specific commands and without learning anything about your habits to recommend other tasks.

“The most interesting impact of AI agents is the way they will democratize services that are too expensive for most people today,” Gates said. The areas he thinks the officers would have influence are: healthcare, education, productivity, entertainment And shop.

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In terms of productivity, an agent might remind you that a friend came out of surgery and suggest buying him flowers. With your permission, artificial intelligence can send the flowers for you and then clear a space in your calendar where you can visit him during his recovery.

If you’re organizing a trip, your artificial intelligence agent can search for tickets and hotel reservations based on the days you have on vacation. Moreover, you can organize an itinerary and book activities and restaurants according to your taste. That’s a job that is currently only done by a human travel agent.

In short, officers will be able to assist in virtually any activity and in any area of ​​life.”Gates commented.

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Before these tools can be developed, however, major questions must be resolved.

The privacy is the most pressing because it is a factor that users value when deciding to share personal information. There are still no protocols for how an agent handles the data their user inputs, but companies will have to take this into account if they want agents to become part of their daily lives. (JO)