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The amount for the purchase of an iPhone in Russia has been announced

To purchase an iPhone in Russia, you need to have an average of 15 thousand rubles. This is reported by “”.

Journalists refer to the study of the Avito trading platform for the third quarter of 2021. According to the company, to purchase an Apple smartphone, on average, you need to have an amount of 15 thousand rubles. According to the press service of “Avito”, the named amount is 11 percent more than in the previous quarter, and 30 percent higher than the average cost of the same period last year.

Also, company representatives noted that Apple devices are many times more popular than smartphones from other manufacturers. The iPhone accounts for about 54 percent of the marketplace. For the quarter, the number of Apple smartphones sold increased by 10 percent, for the year – by 28 percent.

Samsung gadgets account for 17 percent, Xiaomi – 13 percent. The fourth and fifth places are occupied by Honor and Huawei phones, respectively.

“According to the results of the third quarter, the average bill for the sale of a mobile phone on the website as a whole in Russia amounted to 9.5 thousand rubles,” Pavel Komarov, head of the “Household appliances and electronics” category, told the publication.

In early October, sources in Russian retailers reported that in the first week of sales of a new line of iPhone 13 smartphones in Russia, citizens purchased 53.5 thousand devices, spending a total of 5.7 billion rubles.

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