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Elon Musk’s space train will fly over Poland again.  The best opportunity for observations

Elon Musk’s space train will fly over Poland again. The best opportunity for observations

Elon Musk’s space train will appear over Poland again. A string of SpaceX satellites will be visible from our country about an hour after sunset. This is a perfect opportunity to see an extraordinary spectacle in the sky.

Elon Musk and his company SpaceX regularly launch subsequent packages of Starlink communication satellites into Earth’s orbit, which circle the Earth in single file. As a result, from time to time we can observe a quite characteristic phenomenon in the sky: the passage of satellites hailed as Elon Musk’s space train.

The space train again over Poland. When is it worth looking at the sky?

He reminded us that we once again have the opportunity to observe Starlinks over Poland. The best opportunity to see the space train will be on Monday, about an hour after sunset. The show should start exactly at 19:36 and will last approximately 4 to 5 minutes. In the sky you will be able to see a beautiful luminous and bright string made of 21 Starlink satellites marked with the number G7-3. They were launched into orbit on Monday morning from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The flight route, of course, varies depending on the observation site. For example, for Warsaw the flight will start on the southwestern horizon and end in the eastern part of the sky. In most cases, the space train will be visible from Poland high in the sky, near the zenith, making observations easier. You can check the exact data depending on your place of residence on one of the Starlink tracking websites (e.g.

Observation conditions on Monday will also be great, at least in eastern and central Poland. Starlinks will appear relatively early in the evening, but late enough (68 minutes after sunset in the case of Warsaw) for the sky to be dark (in the west of the country it will still be relatively bright). In addition, the weather should be good. When flying over most of Poland, cloud cover – if any – will be slight.

Monday evening is definitely the best opportunity for observation (because the satellites will be the brightest), but the space train will be visible for several more days. We can count on very good observation conditions every evening until Thursday. Every day at a similar time.

Source: Gazeta

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