Nowadays, smartphones are an essential tool in users’ lives and they go with us wherever we go. Just like you try to take care of your phoneAttention should also be paid to the battery of the devices.

Even though it seems that the battery of a mobile phone has no problem and that it has not yet reached the end of its life, some actions can damage the battery.

Trick to save up to 10% battery

The most modern mobile phones use 5G networks, which are faster and more powerful than 4G, but also require more energy. What this 5G technology does is consume between 6% and 11% more battery compared to other networks, according to a study by Ookla.

However, it is possible to make an adjustment from your mobile phone so that you can mitigate the impact that 5G networks have on the battery.

How do you do that?

This change should reduce the impact on the battery and its lifespan. However, some models do not provide the option to perform this configuration.

Three mistakes we make when charging the cell phone battery

Use your mobile phone while charging it

If you use the phone while it is charging, the process will take longer, which may cause the cell phone to overheat and reduce battery life.

Charge your cell phone with generic chargers

These chargers can be more powerful than the device needs or be weaker and not reach the quantity watt required. The phone requires an original and suitable charger.

Charge it all night

When the cell phone is charged overnight, it will remain plugged in for more than four or five hours and may overheat. This can damage the battery life. (JO)