Although she had said that 2023 would be all about resting and spending time with herself, Karol G later retracted her words and announced a tour for her latest album, Tomorrow will be fun.

The album gave its name to the tour that started in August in Las Vegas and became a major event in the United States, with several sold-out dates in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, cities with a strong Latin American presence.

Now, after putting the North American country into ‘bichota season’ mode, the Colombian artist comes to do the same Latin America. This is what he just announced on his social networks.

Just like on the previous occasion, when he surprised the planet by saying he was opening the tour for the first time Tomorrow will be fun (or MSB), La Bichota once again called out child influencer Iker, “The Millionaire,” to make the recent announcement.

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In one clip, the little boy is seen painting a canvas pink (the color of the ‘bichota era’) while listening in the background While I heal from my heart In his bedroom. Until he receives a call from the interpreter who is originally from Medellín. “Hey Iker, tomorrow will be fun, bichota season is activated, we’re going to Latin America,” Karol G tells him.

The boy then changes from his children’s clothes to a more urban style, gets into a souped-up car (again, pink) and leaves for an uncertain destination. Besides, everything happens in his imagination, because he actually rode in a battery-powered cart.

Selena Gómez, Feid and Ecuadorian Michela Pincay among the celebrities who sang the songs of Karol G during her first concert in Los Angeles

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The singer’s official website,, has not yet detailed the available dates for the promising US show that brought together Selena Gómez, Feid, Sofía Vergara and Ecuadorian Michela Pincay.

‘Latin America, go to Bichota on this tour. I promise it’s worth every cent you pay. It is a SPECTACULAR FUN AND UNIQUE tour. I lived the experience in Miami and I would repeat it a thousand times,” advised journalist Juan Espinoza, based in Miami.

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So far, the cities and dates when the Tomorrow will be beautiful tour will be available in Latin America have not been detailed. Photo: Screenshot

Exactly two years ago, in October 2021, Karol G performed in Guayaquil as part of her tour Bichota tour reload. It remains to be discovered whether the ‘mom’ will return to Ecuador on this occasion.