The ranking member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Jim Risch, along with Senators Bill Cassidy, Marco Rubio, Bill Hagerty, Rick Scott, Tim Scott and John Cornyn, sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Monday asking that former De Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Delgado is being held responsible for “his participation in significant acts of corruption and violations of internationally recognized human rights in Ecuador.”

The beginning of the letter notes that Congress is pursuing bipartisan legislative efforts to deepen bilateral relations with Ecuador and that significant progress has been made since strengthen its democratic institutions and promote economic growth”. This is why they are making this request to strengthen bipartisan action.

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Also mentioned is the eight-year prison sentence that Correa received in the bribery case that took place in April 2020 and which stipulated the participation of other government and business partners, including former Vice President Jorge Glas.

“In particular Correa and his network They accepted millions of dollars in illegal payments from local and foreign entities such as Odebrecht,” he recalls.

It was also specified that Ecuador’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had shared with that country’s government a report from the Assembly’s Government Control Commission, which revealed details of a corruption scheme between Correa’s government and PetroChina.

In the letter The senators point out that Correa has a proven track record of human rights violations during his time as president. “The 2015 Foreign Ministry human rights report in Ecuador confirms that Correa sanctioned and censored independent media and journalists, closed independent civil society organizations and restricted freedom of the press, expression and assembly,” he added.

Although the ex-president’s extradition has been requested, it was indicated that he continues to travel between Europe and Latin America and hold meetings with Venezuelan officials approved by the United States.

It was explained that it is in the interest of the United States that Ecuador maintain independent democratic institutions and strengthen economic prosperity. Therefore, they recommend that President Joe Biden express his support using available tools such as Presidential Proclamation 7750 and Section 7031. (c) of the Department of State’s Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act.

Presidential Proclamation 7750 authorizes the U.S. President deny entry to that country to people linked to acts of corruption. While section 7031(c) applies to it have been directly or indirectly involved in significant corruption or a serious violation of human rights. The designation also applies to their immediate family members, making them ineligible for entry into the United States. (JO)