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Bonuses for October in Peru 2023: what subsidies are in force and how to access them?

Bonuses for October in Peru 2023: what subsidies are in force and how to access them?

A few months ago, the president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, announced in her message to the nation the bonds and economic reactivation programs that would be strengthened for 2023. It turns out that in recent years, a series of events, such as inflation and impacts of the El Niño phenomenon have harmed the financial situation of families. In that sense, we invite you to find out in the following note the subsidies that continue to be delivered and the new bond projects that would benefit an important sector of the population. Take notes!

What bonds are current in Peru?

Bonus for recyclers: what are the requirements?

This economic subsidy of S/900 seeks for recyclers to improve their infrastructure, the material they work with and the collection of solid waste through modern devices. In this sense, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) allocated a transfer of S/4.4 million to the ministries of Development and Social Inclusion and the Environment to finance this bonus that can be made until November 30, 2023, as and as stated in article 2 of Emergency Decree 026-2023.

Requirements to access

  • Compare the list of beneficiaries that is approved in the list of formal recyclers, which compiles the information sent by local governments to the Ministry of the Environment within the framework of the incentive program for the improvement of municipal management 2022, as well as the information of the national registration until May 31, 2002.
  • This information must be compared with the criteria established by Minam regarding the approved strategy referred to in article 2 of Emergency Decree No. 026-2023, which considers the presentation of the payment request form, the of the recycler’s data and an affidavit of use of the seed capital.
  • When the Final Register of Recyclers is approved within a period of no more than two business days, the Minam must send to Midis, through the National Solidarity Assistance Program Pensión 65, the database with the respective nominal information.
  • Registrations are formalized through the presentation of Annex No. 01.- Registration Form, which must be sent to the Minam party desk or through its website.
  • The delivery of this amount will be made through the Banco de la Nación, as well as in other companies of the financial system in the country.

BonoGas: How do I know if it corresponds to me?

Bonogas is a program of the Ministry of Energy and Mines that allows you to finance 100%, 75% or 50% of the installation of natural gas in your home. Below, we invite you to know the requirements to access it:

  • The home must belong to a block of the medium, low-middle or low socioeconomic level, according to the INEl. If you want to know the socioeconomic level to which your block belongs, click here.
  • The natural gas network must pass in front of your house.

If your house meets these requirements, you must deliver the following documents to the installation company: a simple copy of the owner’s ID and a simple copy of the last self-valuation. In case of rental, present authorization from the owner and a simple copy of your ID.

Bonds to acquire, improve or build a house

With the purpose of financing the purchase, construction or improvement of a home, the Government approved various economic subsidies that we detail here:

  • Own Roof Program: This program of the Ministry of Housing is aimed at families with monthly family income that does not exceed the value of S/3,715 to buy and S/2,706 to build or improve their home, which will have basic services of electricity, water and drain.
  • New Mivivienda credit: This mortgage loan is financed by the Mivivienda Fund and allows subsidizing the purchase of finished properties, under construction or in project, as long as they are for first sale or second-use homes, whose value ranges from S/65,200 to S/ 343,900.
  • Good Payer Bonus (BBP): This non-refundable financial aid is aimed at all people who have obtained a New Credit Mivivienda loan through intermediary financial institutions.

What subsidies were announced by the Government?

Bonus S/600 for public sector workers

After several months of announcement, The Executive Branch presented to Congress the bill that approves supplementary credits for the financing of greater expenses associated with economic reactivation, the imminent danger due to the occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon, among other measures, the bonus of S/600 that would benefit to more than 560,000 public workers of the following labor regimes:

  • Legislative Decree 276 (Law of Bases of the Administrative Career and Remunerations of the Public Sector)
  • Legislative Decree 728 (Law on Labor Productivity and Competitiveness)
  • CAS Regime (Decree Law No. 1057)
  • Civil Service Law (Law No. 30057)
  • Law of the Special Public Penitentiary Career (Law No. 29709)
  • Law of the Diplomatic Service of the Republic (Law No. 28091).

Requirements to access

  • In the case of national and regional Government entities, they must prove an employment relationship as of June 30, 2023. Likewise, the beneficiary personnel must be registered in the Centralized Registry of Data Sheets and Human Resources of the Public Sector of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • For their part, municipal workers must appear in the Electronic Payroll (PDT Plame) of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) and have an employment relationship as of June 30, 2023.

For said bonus to come into effect, this bill must be analyzed by the congressional committees and then be submitted to the Plenary Session.

Bonus of S/709 for the health sector

On September 22, the Executive Branch presented Bill No. 5997 to Congress, which approves supplementary credits for financing associated with economic reactivation and compensation for workers in the health sector. This document includes, exceptionally and for one time only, a bonus of S/709 to health personnel. which belongs to the following decrees:

  • Numeral 3.2 of article 3 of Legislative Decree No. 1153.
  • Health personnel hired subject to the regime of Legislative Decree No. 1057.
  • Administrative staff subject to the regime of Legislative Decree No. 276 and Legislative Decree No. 1057 of the Ministry of Health, National Institute of Health, National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases and the health executing units of the regional governments.

Requirements to access

  • The staff must have a current employment relationship and be registered in the Computer Application for the Centralized Registry of Payrolls and Data of Human Resources in the Public Sector (AIRHSP) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • Workers must have a continuity of service of no less than five months.

S/800 bonus for tour guides

As provided by Emergency Decree No. 029-23, the Executive Branch authorized the delivery of an economic subsidy of S/800 aimed at tourism graduates who work in the field of tourist guiding, artisans, hiking and travel guides. mountain in the national territory. This new bonus from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism is valid until December 31, 2023; However, there is no delivery date yet.

Requirements to access

  1. People who want to collect bonus S/800 They must have current registrations as of December 31, 2022 with the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism or the one that takes its place from the regional government.
  2. Those interested must not be beneficiaries of other social programs and/or financial subsidies, nor be registered as a dependent worker in the Monthly Payment Form (Plame).

Second bonus for the artisanal fisherman

The first installment of the artisanal fishermen’s bonus expired on April 30 and benefited more than 30,000 fishermen. Now, the Ministry of Production announced a second subsidy of S/700 to face the drop in national fishing production by more than 70% and the unemployment that the El Niño phenomenon is generating.

“The extraordinary economic subsidy of S/700 will be directed to boarded and non-boarded artisanal fishermen (…) affected by climate change, El Niño and anomalous waves,” said the Minister of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca, before Congress and He added that this bonus would have a direct impact on more than 47,000 people in 23 regions of the country.

It is worth mentioning that it is still being evaluated whether this bonus is made effective through an emergency decree or a supplementary credit proposal that needs to be endorsed by Congress.

Source: Larepublica

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