The story of Stefan Mandel looks like something out of any fictional film: a Romanian economist who created and designed a perfected algorithm win the lottery 14 times. However, as is to be expected in cases like this, some unbelievers will say that this is mere luck; Everything indicates that so much success is something that goes beyond that.

The man’s history is recognized as the lottery decipherer It begins in Romania, under the communist system from which he had to free his family. There he won twice and was able to leave for Israel.

His migration journey took him to Australia, a country where he perfected his technique of traveling to different parts of the world, where he won the lottery twelve times, El Tiempo reports.

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The lottery The most fruitful one he got was in Virginia, United States, in the 1990s, where he had to choose numbers between 1 and 40 and decipher among seven million possibilities.

By winning, he became a creditor of $27 million. Which caused the FBI and CIA to turn their magnifying glasses on him. This whole story made him pay with 10 months in prison and a $30,000 fine.

The Mandel Method discovered how to win the lottery | Photo: Pexels

Formula to win the lottery

After all the success obtained, experts called the Romanian technique the Mandel method. This is how he did it:

The first thing Mandel did was buy a large number of tickets at one of the lotteries, being clear about the existing combinations. A total of 3,88,380 chances for the draw.

The mathematician then entered one of the draws for the prize of 10 million euros and bet one euro on all possible combinations. He had to win anyway and invested 6,161,620 euros, HuffPost reports.

To get the money, he convinced his friends to become his investors. Mandel currently lives on the coast of Australia, on the island of Vanuatu, where he lived to live in peace after the enormous fortune he acquired thanks to his intelligence.