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Baskonia defeats Bilbao Basket in the Buesa Arena derby (92-72)

Baskonia defeats Bilbao Basket in the Buesa Arena derby (92-72)

Baskonia defeats Bilbao Basket in the Buesa Arena derby (92-72)

Euskaraz irakurri: Baskonia nagusi, Bilbao Basketen aurka Buesa Arenan jokatutako derbian (92-72)

Baskonia has achieved victory in the match against Surne Bilbao Basket in the third day of the Endesa League (92-72). The Vitorian team has demonstrated its superiority after a fairly even start in which Bilbao Basket has shown its teeth to the local team.

In it first quarter It was Bilbao Basket that dominated the game, with a more incisive attack, while Baskonia depended a lot on outside shooting. The first important advantage on the scoreboard came with 7-12 in favor of the visiting team. However, those from Peñarroya held off their rival well and at the end of the quarter the advantage of the men in black (today in green) has increased. been only two points (18-20).

It has been in the second bedroom when Baskonia has managed to break the match. The locals have improved in defense and their efficiency in rebounding has allowed them to make quick transitions in which they have hurt the Bilbao team. Thus, at half-time, Baskonia dominated the scoreboard 40-31with Markus Howard as the top scorer of the first half.

After the break, Baskonia has put a new gear into its game and that has been noticed on the scoreboard. The Baskonistas have been increasing their advantage, also helped by the rival’s scoring drought. However, the home team has had a hard time taking off definitively on the scoreboard and they have not done so until well past the midpoint of this third quarter. 25 points has been the maximum advantage of Peñarroya, which has remained at 20 at the end of these third 10 minutes (67-47).

Last room

In the last quarter, things have barely changed. Baskonia has enjoyed a maximum advantage of 28 points (81-53)although Bilbao Basket has had a small reaction and has reached 16 points, but Baskonia has been much superior. In the end, 92 to 72, victory by 20 points for Baskonia against Bilbao Basket in the Buesa Arena derby.

Data sheet:

92 – Baskonia (18+22+27+25): Miller-McIntyre (9), Howard (16), Sedekerskis (7), Costello (4) and Diop (10) -starting five-, Mannion (3), Raieste (-), Rogkavopoulos (13), Marinkovic (11) , Díez (-), Kotsar (5) and Moneke (14).

72 – Surne Bilbao Basket (20+11+16+25): Renfroe (3), Adam Smith (11), Rabaseda (4), Tsalmpouris (-) and Hlinason (13) -starting five-; Pantzar (-), Kullamae (12), Alex Reyes (9), Andersson (8), Killeya-Jones (9) and De Ridder (3).

Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Javier Torres and Jorge Martínez. No eliminated.

Source: Eitb

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