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How do I protect the information on my iPhone from theft and fraud

There are ways you can safeguard your iPhone data, from bank passwords, information about your identity, and more. Find out how to do it.

In the same way that you love your iPhone, thieves do too. That is why this model of smartphone is usually one of the main victims of robberies or thefts in the streets, due to its demand by users.

Over time, criminals have become experts in stealing not only the device but also your information and data, making it almost impossible for you to find their whereabouts or recover them, and in many other cases, being victims of even more fraudulent thefts, such as virtual banking keys, social networks, identities and more.

Here are a few tips and tricks to protect your iPhone from these types of acts that they can affect you at any time, endorsed by the expert of TuAppleMundo.

  • Make a backup copy on your iPhone, this is extremely important if you ever have to delete the information to protect yourself.

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  • Verify that in your profile, in ‘Settings’, you keep the ‘Find my iPhone’ option, but not only that, but also that you have activated the options of ‘Find offline’ and ‘Send last location’. You can find both in the same section of ‘Find my iPhone’.

This will allow you to find your iPhone while it is turned on with the help of iCloud, send alerts or even erase all the information one two by three.

How to activate ‘Low data mode’ on iPhone

  • Enable and disable the following options in the ‘Face ID and code’ section in your iPhone Settings. Disable, for example:

– The control center: This way the pencil sharpeners will not be able to put the phone in airplane mode.

– Siri: With this function activated they can place the airplane mode, avoid it.

  • Secondly, enables the following functions:

– Return missed calls: This is in cases where your cell phone has been lost but not stolen. The person who found your cell phone can call you back, so you can get it back.

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– Delete data: If the thief tries more than 10 times to guess your password, Information that could commit you to even more dangerous theft will be removed.

  • Do you feel in a dangerous situation and you suspect that you may be a victim of theft?, prevent the criminal from turning off your cell phone in the following way:

– Enter ‘Settings’, then ‘Accessibility’, and finally click on ‘Guided access’.

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Thus the screen will be completely inactive and you will not be able to make any movement on the screen. To exit this mode you must press the lock button three times, and then choose the ‘Guided Access’ option. But it is not so easy, to deactivate it, it forces you to enter a password that the user himself placed before activating the option.

  • exist more specific options, as for example in the case of ‘Notes’ from your iPhone, application in which in many cases we keep countless passwords and information of great importance, the same information with which they can enter virtual banks and be victims of more robberies. We recommend blocking the specific note -where you save this type of data- in the following way:

How to activate the ‘secret button’ of the Apple logo on your iPhone

– Enter the ‘Notes’ App on your iPhone

– Select the note you want to block

– When the note opens, choose the option of the three dots on the right side. Te the ‘Lock’ icon will appear in purple, accompanied by a padlock. Click there and continue with the subsequent steps – enter the password or activate the FACE ID option-, achieving that only with your personalized key or face another can enter the note you chose. (F)


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