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Users are disappointed in the iPhone 13

More than 60 percent of smartphone users were not impressed with the iPhone 13. This information follows from the report of the SellCell smartphone sales service.

64 percent of respondents of the 5,000 US residents over 18 surveyed said they were not impressed with Apple’s new smartphones. About 47 percent of users noted that they were not at all interested in buying an iPhone 13. From this data, analysts of the company concluded that the release of the flagships of the American company disappointed consumers.

At the same time, about 23 percent of respondents announced their desire to buy an iPhone 13. The number of users willing to upgrade to a new device is 20 percent less than two months ago, when SellCell conducted a preliminary survey.

Among Americans who expressed a desire to buy a new Apple device, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro wanted to buy 42.5 percent of those surveyed. The most unpopular option was the iPhone 13 mini, which received less than 10 percent of the vote.

Consumers cited higher refresh rates and longer battery life as the main reasons for buying new Apple smartphones. Nearly 37 percent of those who are not going to purchase an iPhone 13 said they would wait until the iPhone 14 is released.

The announcement of the current Apple smartphones took place on September 14th. Earlier, journalists reported, citing a source close to one of the major retailers, that in the first week of sales, Russians purchased 53.5 thousand devices, spending a total of 5.7 billion rubles.

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