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Automation and the cloud mark the post-pandemic world

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Following the pandemic, the world experienced a major technological transformation that motivated people in all regions to strengthen their digital skills. Ecuador was also part of this phenomenon and users were forced to adapt to this new reality.

Mainly in scenarios such as teleworking, which multiplied its number of employees, going from 15,292 before the pandemic to 340,846 afterwards, a number that continues to increase.

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“These figures not only speak of the evolution of the work but of the needs that have been generated in the sectors and in the collaborators. Teleworking is not simply connecting to a computer, it is strengthening the skills devices to verify security, connection and data in a scenario for which humanity believed it was not prepared,” said Gustavo Ramírez, Andean Region Sales Manager at Red Hat.

However, this experience also demonstrated that the region’s humanity, businesses and infrastructure were ready to embrace this change.

In this sense, some of the most innovative technologies that have been developed in 2022 can be mentioned.

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Automation. According to Gartner, the global market for software that will be responsible for automation will reach 600,000 million dollars in 2022 and hyperautomation will help improve decision-making, without losing quality, exponentially increasing speed and reducing operating costs by up to 30%.

“Solutions that apply automation tools are vital to increase the productivity of companies, so this innovation is essential for business growth,” said Ramirez.

Edge Computing and native clouds. This is a time when the needs for sovereignty and Edge Computing have accelerated cloud adoption in organizations around the world. In addition, this is a scenario that will continue to strengthen in the coming years, so cloud platforms are expected to Native will play a key role over the next year, accounting for 95% of new digital initiatives within three years.

metaverse. Mixing physical and virtual reality in a shared online space, this digital universe will completely change the way you work, shop, communicate and play. “The metaverse is going to give great opportunities to companies; from increasing their social presence to office work, payments, healthcare, buying and selling products, etc.”, explains the executive.

cybersecurity. Cyberattacks, which the region has faced during 2022, have increased. According to the most recent Fortinet report, the Central American region suffered 166 million cyberattack attempts in the first half of 2022. However, companies from all sectors have strengthened their information protection systems, which is why evidence that there is increasing awareness about the protection of information in general.

clouds. This is the technology that has probably developed and strengthened the most during 2022. IDC data reveals that spending on computing and storage infrastructure products for cloud deployments, including dedicated and shared IT environments, increased 22, 4% per year in the second quarter of 2022, reaching 22.6 billion dollars. Cloud infrastructure spending continues to outpace the infrastructure segment no-cloudalthough the latter also had strong growth of 15.2% to 17.3 billion.

“In essence, each of these changes have been filtered by the open culture that embraces the values ​​and principles that represent and reinforce the culture of the company, through processes, communication, structures and even technologies,” he said. the manager.(I)

Source: Eluniverso

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