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How to bring a product through Amazon to Ecuador?

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Online shopping is a very attractive option for many shoppers. who prefer to shop from the comfort of their home, and avoid long lines in stores, especially during massive shopping days, such as the black friday or Black Friday, for example.

There are many shops specializing in shopping on-lineas is the case of Amazon, one of the first companies that began to sell online. On this platform there are many products that surely are not found in our countrybut the US electronic commerce and computer services corporation does not operate in Ecuador.

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In any case, the shopping portal has been widely used by Ecuadorians looking for better prices or things for several years.

Although Amazon does not have operations in our country, it does offer to ship to Ecuador from its portals in the US or Europe. But you have to take into account that That international shipment has a higher shipping cost and even import. Therefore, when it comes to making the final payment, you could see a nice increase in the total cost.

In any case, if you do not want to import the products directly with Amazon, you can do so through the boxes or addresses offered by various banks, credit cards and couriers. What you buy there will arrive at that place and then they are in charge of bringing it to Ecuador. Obviously each company has its shipping policies and costs.

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One of the companies that offer courier service with mailbox in the United States is Expresito, which gives its customers some options.

You can also manage your purchases through eShopex, a Miami-based company, which allows your Amazon purchase to arrive at your mailbox, and from there they send it to you to the address in Ecuador that you provide in your registration. Registration is free, and in shipping you pay for the weight of the package, with four easy steps you can make your purchase on the platform.

On the bank side, in the case of international Bank offers the Interbox service, a joint service with the CourierBox company. After the arrival of the purchases at the locker in Miami, they are dispatched to Ecuador with the client’s authorization. They take care of customs formalities and deliver them to your home.

While, Diners Club It is offered as a way to hire a courier from a list of your trust to provide the service of receiving and sending purchases abroad. One of the service companies they work with is Laar, which has the Laarbox service, which allows a person to make a purchase in the US and have it shipped to an address in Florida, and then arranges for it to arrive at buyer’s hands.

Another company that works with the company is Ultrabox, which provides the same service, but also brings purchases from Spain and Colombia. Ultrabox also works with Banco de Guayaquil’s My Box, which also offers the option of boxes in Miami and Madrid.

Meanwhile, those who have the card pacify can access Pacificard box. In this case, the products are sent to an address in Miami, United States, and the Siatiexpress company is in charge of delivering it to the customer.

The Pichincha Bank has Pichincha Box Cards in the USA, which also receives the package and charges a value for the service, which is also done with Siatiexpress.

Bankard, of Bolivarian Bank, It also has a service that allows you to receive packages in Miami and Madrid: Bankard Box.

Likewise, some third-party sites allow you to buy on Amazon and do the entire nationalization process, with its costs. This is the case of Tiendamia.

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Lockers in the US

If you are in the United States and do not want the products to arrive at your own address, you can use the Amazon Locker service, which consists of Amazon lockers where you can send the products. They are located in various areas of the nation and you can select one close to where you are going to be to pick it up. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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