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Soon you will be able to reserve your PESEL number.  President Andrzej Duda signed the act

Soon you will be able to reserve your PESEL number. President Andrzej Duda signed the act

President Andrzej Duda signed an act that will make it possible to reserve a PESEL number. Such a possibility will appear already in September. The new rules are intended to facilitate the fight against identity theft.

On Friday evening, the president’s office announced that the day before the Act of July 7, 2023 amending certain acts in order to limit certain effects of identity theft. The new law will make it possible to reserve a number.

From September you will reserve your PESEL number

In May, the Ministry of Digitization announced that the state number of PESEL registers would be launched in September this year. Financial institutions, before granting a loan, and operators, before issuing a duplicate SIM card, will be required to check there whether the person has previously reserved their data. In addition, verification will be necessary when withdrawing money, the amount of which – individually or as a sum of withdrawals made on a given day in a bank branch on one day – will exceed three times the minimum wage.

The resort believes that the possibility of imposing a “block” on its own will protect us from the financial consequences of identity theft and the possibility of someone getting a duplicate for our SIM card. In addition, the regulations are intended to reduce the losses of the financial sector resulting from extortion of stolen personal data.

How to reserve a PESEL number?

Reservation of the PESEL number will be voluntary. Such a request can be submitted in several ways – in the application, at the office where the loss of the ID card is reported or at post offices. This way you will be able to unlock it.

As the Ministry of Digitization pointed out in May, the latter method is to make it easier for the elderly to reserve their data, and it is they who most often fall victim to fraud using the “grandson” and “policeman” methods, consisting in extorting savings (or money from loans) by impersonating by a family member or official.

Source: Gazeta

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