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Instead of throwing it away, bury it in the garden.  The mole will run away from him as soon as possible

Instead of throwing it away, bury it in the garden. The mole will run away from him as soon as possible

The mole is a real nightmare of gardeners. Digging tunnels not only creates unsightly mounds that ruin the lawn, but often also damages the roots of plants. How to get rid of it in a safe and ecological way?

The mole is a mammal with dark brown fur and large, spade-shaped front paws. Reaches up to 20 cm in length. Despite its small size, it can be a real nuisance to every gardener. Although many people treat it as a pest, remember that it is primarily a useful creature, and it is protected. How to drive him out of the home garden in a humane way?

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A simple way to expel a mole. Choose scents he doesn’t like

Since the mole has a very sensitive sense of smell, it is worth choosing an effective scent repellent for humane fight against it. Even before it appears, plant plants in the garden for which the smell is exceptionally disliked. Choose elderberries, quinoa, garlic, narcissus, basil and marigolds. Not only will you discourage moles from feeding in the area, but you will also gain a beautiful decoration and tasty crops. What if he manages to appear in your garden? In this case, stick crushed fresh cloves or cat or dog hair into the corridors hollowed out by it.which are its natural enemy.

Act in many ways. You can make the sound repeller yourself

In order to drive the mole out, it is worth taking multiple steps and relying not only on scent, but also on sound repellers. You can buy them in a store or make them yourself. Stick a metal rod as close to the mole corridors as possible and put a plastic bottle or metal can on it. An unpleasant noise will make the mole go away quickly.

Bury around the mole corridors. The uninvited guest scurries where the pepper grows

If you’ve come across an extremely persistent opponent, you can also reach for the ultimate weapon. Its smell will certainly make the mole go away immediately and as far as possible. It’s about a rotten fish. Bury it as close as possible to the tunnel of the uninvited guest and wait. Leftovers from dinner or herring are best for this.

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