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Big Data Leak.  Hackers exposed half a million e-mails and passwords of Belgians

Big Data Leak. Hackers exposed half a million e-mails and passwords of Belgians

Data from over 500,000 Belgians were made public. The hackers revealed business and private e-mail addresses and passwords belonging to, among others, journalists and university employees.

The reporters of the site discovered that it took place on the Raidforums website. This is one of the largest hacking platforms in the world, where stolen data has been exchanged many times. The portal says Raidforums was shut down last year after the FBI and Europol intervened, but despite this, large amounts of data still remain available.

Data leak. Hackers exposed hundreds of thousands of emails and passwords

The published data is over 500,000. email addresses and passwords. The extensive list includes the addresses of numerous companies and institutions, including journalists and employees of the University of Ghent and the Catholic University of Leuven. VRT Nws journalists point out that some of the data disclosed by may already be outdated due to the fact that Raidforums was shut down in 2022. Nevertheless, the leak is dangerous because one password can be used on many online platforms.

Data leak. Millions of logins and passwords went online

. At the end of May, “one of the largest one-time leaks in the history of the Polish Internet” could have occurred – the portal trusted alerted. A huge database containing millions of passwords and logins has appeared on “Cebulka”, a Polish-language Tor network forum. The data comes from e.g. from e-mail services, social media, banks and Polish government websites. In the shared file, collections appeared, among others from Facebook and Allegro, but also from mBank, ING Bank Śląski and Polish government websites.

Source: Gazeta

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