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Lipstick in this color is a summer hit!  Optically whitens teeth and makes lips look fuller

Lipstick in this color is a summer hit! Optically whitens teeth and makes lips look fuller

As the weather gets warmer and everything starts to bloom, it’s time to ditch the dark and moody shades of lipstick. It is definitely better to reach for lighter shades that will perfectly reflect the spirit of summer. Which colors on the lips will visually whiten the teeth and will harmonize with the tan? We suggest.

Whether you prefer classic red, glamorous pink or bold coral, there are many lipstick colors that are perfect for the summer season. From bright and bold to much more delicate and subtle. Some shades will not only enhance the tan, but also emphasize the white smile. What’s more, they will work regardless of the complexion. One of them is the lipstick chosen for the wedding of Lionel Richie’s daughter, Sofia.

The best lipstick color for summer 2023. The vivid color in this shade will emphasize and enhance the lips

In the case of slightly more vibrant shades, this year’s reign is a cold shade, coral. This shade is not only the quintessence, but also adds style and elegance. It will be perfect for special celebrations in spring and summer.

The perfect everyday lipstick? This summer classic will conquer the whiteness of your teeth and tan

Sofia Richie’s bridal lipstick quickly became a hit with women. No wonder, after all, the peach-pink shade she chose is not only minimalist, but also memorable. It also fits perfectly with elegant stylizations, but also on a daily basis.

Lips look fresh and soft, and no dry patches appear. The shade balancing on the border of two classic shades, i.e. powder pink and subtle peach, will perfectly enhance your tan. In addition, the cool tone will emphasize the smile, making the teeth optically even whiter.

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