The private and public sectors are joining a universal call to protect the planet and people through the technology, creativity, knowledge and resources of all of society.

Framed by actions focusing on four pillars, Claro promotes various actions that contribute to improving the environment. From the environmental pillar, it operates with minimal impact on the environment, while providing connectivity, information technology and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, using artificial intelligence and cloud-based systems that contribute to decarbonisation. as the ecological footprint of its customers.

“We work by focusing our efforts on minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations, products and services throughout their lifecycle, with a commitment to be net-zero emissions by 2050,” emphasizes Pilar Vargas, Institutional Relations and Sustainability Manager at Claro. .

The company is currently developing the ‘Change is in your hands’ campaign, which promotes the recycling of electronic devices and involves employees, schools, colleges and other entities that share the same goal: shared care for the environment.

Gustavo Noguera, academic coordinator of the Coello Institute, indicates that since 2021 the teaching unit has been part of the Claro campaign, in which students, administrative and teaching staff participate. He adds that information is disseminated in various ways and that the use of free education platforms strengthens students’ digital skills.

As part of its societal pillar actions, over the past year Claro has lectured on electronic device recycling, circular economy, analytics and digital transformation for more than 11,000 studentsadded to more than 500,000 people who have received training through free online platforms, strengthening the promotion of digital skills in society.

Meanwhile, Jorge Pardo, director of the Higher Technology in Networks and Telecommunications career at ESPE, who has participated with his students in educational visits to the Claro Data Center, states that the sum of actions aimed at the professional development of university students makes an important contribution to society.

Other pillars:

Better working environment. The development of its employees is a fundamental part of its growth and manages to consolidate a professional and dedicated team that attracts great talents. Claro believes in Ecuador and its people and currently generates more than 2,900 direct jobs and 300,000 indirect jobs.

Business environment. It focuses on ethics and integrity. The company is improving the customer experience, strengthening its information security practices and developing a responsible value chain to honor the trust of its stakeholders.