The military reconnaissance satellite that North Korea launched on Wednesday fell into the sea without reaching its targetthe Pyongyang state press said.

“The launch of the new satellite transport rocket ‘Chollima-1’ fell into the Western (Yellow) Sea after losing momentum due to irregular starting of the two-phase motor”, published the official news agency KCNA.

Prior to the announcement from Pyongyang, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that the military was analyzing what happened to the launch after the device disappeared from their radars.

The (North Korean) missile disappeared from radar before reaching its intended arrival pointthe Joint Chiefs of Staff told the South Korean news agency Yes.

The North Korean National Aerospace Development Administration attributed the launch failure to “the low reliability and stability of the new engine system applied to the Chollima-1and the unstable nature of the fuel used”.

The entity said it would fully investigate the “serious defects” revealed at the satellite’s launch I would try again “as soon as possible”..