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Elon Musk’s company will implant brain implants in people.  The US agency agreed

Elon Musk’s company will implant brain implants in people. The US agency agreed

Elon Musk’s company will implant brain implants in people.  The US agency agreed

The Neuralink company founded by Elon Musk received permission to conduct the first tests on humans. Brain implants are to be implanted in those who are willing. According to the assumptions, they will allow e.g. to repair the senses.

The Neuralink company was founded in 2016 by Elon Musk and has been working on brain implants ever since. In 2020, and in April 2021, Billionaire announced a few months later that this did not happen, because it was not possible to obtain the consents needed to conduct such research.

Success of Elon Musk’s company. Neuralink will finally start testing on humans

Now Neuralink can talk about a real milestone, because the company has finally received the long-awaited approval for tests from the US Food and Drug Administration. The company made the announcement on Twitter, adding that the technology “will one day help many people.” However, the company, led by the controversial billionaire, indicated that it is not yet looking for people willing to undergo clinical tests. This will probably change in the near future.

We are happy to announce that we have received FDA approval to start our first human clinical trials! This is the result of the amazing work of the Neuralink team in close cooperation with the FDA and is an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people. Recruitment for our clinical trial is not yet open. We will be announcing more information on this soon!

Neuralink wrote on Twitter.

Neuralink will implant brain implants in people. There is FDA approval

These reports were confirmed by the FDA agency, noting that the company was allowed to implant a brain implant in volunteers and use a “surgical robot” during the research. The FDA, however, declined to comment further. Neuralink and Elon Musk did not want to comment on the matter for Reuters.

The company’s goal is to design brain implants that could restore people’s senses that they have lost or free them from, for example, paralysis of the limbs. The company applied for approval to start human clinical trials only in early 2022, and initially its application was rejected. recalls that – as reported later by the company’s employees – the agency was afraid of, among other things, the potential hazards of a battery in the implant and how to safely remove such equipment. Now, however, the approval has been granted despite an ongoing investigation into the treatment of the animals on which the company was testing its technology.

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