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An app will detect if there are cameras that are spying on you

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The project seeks to detect if there are hidden cameras in a nearby space, no matter how small they are.

Thanks to technological advances, endless devices have been created to help humanity. Currently, spy cameras are increasingly smaller and difficult to detect with the naked eye, generating distrust in people.

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A variety of “camera signal detectors” can already be found on various websites such as Amazon, however, several researchers from the National University of Singapore and Yonsei University in South Korea are working on a system that It will allow detecting spy cameras through ToF (Time of Flight) sensors in cell phones.

Currently, there are already several systems to detect the presence of hidden cameras, these methods can reveal the existence of these but cannot detect their location.

The system that is being designed in the universities, is called: ‘Laser-assisted Photographic Detection’ (LAPD for its acronym in English) and seeks to take advantage of the lasers of the ToF sensors (normally used by the cameras of the telephones to measure the depth by means of lasers) to locate the reflections of the lenses of this type of hidden cameras. To meet this objective, it is planned to develop an application and an algorithm of machine learning.

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The user will be able to use his camera and will have to go around the corners of the spaces where he suspects the existence of cameras, the application will indicate where there are cameras. (I)

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