The use of artificial intelligence infiltrates not only the academic or professional field, but also the cybercrime. This popular technological tool, which continues to be developed all over the world, has facilitated scammers’ strategies and created more ways to steal.

While most chatbots have mechanisms that prevent giving explicit details about committing crimes, they do can be used to provide misinformation or generate a picture, text, or audio fake mislead other users.

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For example, there are tools that convert text to audio in the voice of a specific person, and it works with artificial intelligence. in this way scammers can trick you into mimicking the voice of your loved ones to ask for money or blackmail you. This is a strategy that has worked since before artificial intelligence became popular, but it has become almost foolproof because it is more believable.

Another way cyber criminals trick their victims is creating a false image, which could be of a loved one or of you. They can choose to portray you in a compromising situation in exchange for money, or make you believe that someone close to you is in danger.

However, scammers continue to look for ways to gain massive access to the information of thousands of users in a shorter period of time. Some of these practices are known as phishingWhat’s when they access people’s personal and financial information for the purpose of stealing from them.

Computer security, when the decision to hire a hacker is a business advantage

For example, scammers may ask the chatbot to generate an email template similar to the one a bank would send. They look real and true, but they are a trap to get you to give them your details.

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