Yoandris Wanton He is known in the music world as Wonton Chulito, a combination of his last name and the nickname his parents gave him at a young age; at the age of 14 he started his musical career in his native Cuba.

After forming a band and achieving great acceptance in his region, he decided to blaze his own path by becoming a solo artist. Five years ago he moved to the United States to pursue that dream, where he met a record label and consolidated his career with relevant musical collaborations for the urban music industry.

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Now Wonton Chulito has one goal in mind, to popularize his talent with lively proposals such as Turn up the volume. The song was shot in Miami and the music video took place in the Dominican Republic.

In July 2022, he released his album To collapse and since then he has been looking for a way to develop his sounds and has tried with this bet that contains some hip-hop and rap.

It premiered on YouTube three weeks ago and already has over 300,000 views; the lyrics were everyone’s idea, as the musician describes that both he and the Dominicans chimbalah And bulova They wrote their parts.

His music plays in Spain; Wonton Chulito He thinks his style is similar to that of ozuna or Wisin and Yandel. With that referent he has succeeded in his career so far; Now at the age of 32, he admits that it’s hard to live up to the expectation of being hit or looked up to, but he’s never complained about this because he loves making music and it’s his passion.

“I did well and I will continue to make music to identify the audience that follows me.” The platform Spotify has shown support for his musical creations, he recently added Turn up the volume to your playlist Dembow world.

His dream collaboration is with Archangel, one of the pioneers of this music genre. “Also with yandel and with anuel”, he confesses. Ecuador would like to come because “I would like to sing for that beautiful audience in Ecuador.” “I also have some friends there and I would like to meet them. It would be a source of pride for me if my music got there,” he added.