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Are you afraid that they read your messages? Discover how to know if your WhatsApp conversations are being spied on

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Privacy is understood as the right of every individual to separate aspects of their private life from the public domain. All human beings have this right. Now, when talking about digital privacy, it can be said that it is the protection of this privacy in the sphere of cyberspace.

When downloading WhatsApp, a notification always appears indicating that all messages are encrypted and that the privacy of each user is protected, but what happens if we find out that someone else can read our conversations?

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How to know what time your message was read on WhatsApp without opening the app?

When using WhatsApp web, there is a doubt as to whether there is a possibility that someone finds out about your conversations. For this reason, Meta launched a new extension that lets you know if someone is spying on your chat.

It is important not to share a six-digit code that is needed to register your Whatsapp account on a cell phone with any contact. Photo: Christoph Scholz/Flickr

From the Unotv web portal they comment on the new Code Verify, an open source browser extension that allows you to verify the authenticity of whoever uses WhatsApp Web and will notify you immediately if your version is not authentic or has been modified.

How to know if your WhatsApp conversations are being spied on

Code Verify Extension

  • It is an extension that can be downloaded from Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.
  • It is downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft Store.
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When installed, it will appear in the upper right corner when you open WhatsApp Web and will show three colors, depending on the security status:

  • Green: no one spies on you.
  • Yellow: there is interference, please refresh the page.
  • Red: someone may be spying on you, security alert, you can ask Code Verify for help.
It is an extension that works with Cloudflare, a web security company that is dedicated to verification.

The Code Verify allows you to access the same protections that mobile applications have for the web, it only scans a Javascript code from the application and makes sure that it matches your WhatsApp Web. If there are any inconsistencies, the extension will alert you immediately.

It is an extension that works with Cloudflare, a web security company that is dedicated to independent and transparent verification of the code that you receive on WhatsApp Web.

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