A cloud and bad omens follow Emelec in its campaign in the Pro League 2023. What has been done so far is very bad. Several of the numbers recorded in the table reflect the poor campaign of the millionaires’ team, which, due to its current location, is one of the four worst teams in the championship. The team led by Miguel Rondeli is thirteenth among 16 competitors.

Emelec experienced five defeats, has two wins and one draw. These figures represent the worst electric start, over eight dates, in the history of their participation in the Ecuadorian competition. This reality is diametrically opposed to that at the beginning of the 2013 season, when Emelec won their eight starting commitments consecutively.

Even when the Blues dropped the B series for the first and only time, the beginning of 1980 was not as worrying as the current one (the relegation year started with three defeats, as many draws and a few wins). ).

one point away

After the eighth day of the tournament, Emelec leads with 7 points and minus 2 goal difference ahead of Guayaquil City and Universidad Católica, also with 7 points, but with negative balances of minus 5 and minus 8 respectively. The basement is owned by recently promoted Libertad with 6 points and minus 4.

As far as the attacking line is concerned, Emelec’s attack is, along with those of Deportivo Cuenca, Gualaceo, Católica and Libertad, the third worst production in the first phase of the Pro League, each with 10 goals scored. Only forwards Cumbayá and Mushuc Runa have scored fewer goals, 7 and 8 respectively.

Why are the prospects for Emelec not encouraging? Because apart from playing poorly, individually and collectively, there is nothing special (Miler Bolaños, the blue figure, has been inactive for a month due to injury), that he has not won since the third date, that he has lost half of his matches at the Capwell Stadium, there is a seemingly complicated aspect: ​​of his next seven opponents, five of them are above electric in the table today.

What’s coming

They will visit Cumbayá on the ninth day, then Emelec will welcome Liga de Quito, then they will be in the capital to measure Universidad Católica, in Capwell they will be at home against Guayaquil City. In addition, on the thirteenth day they will go to Monumental for the Clásico del Astillero, later they will host Gualaceo, and finally they will travel to visit Deportivo Cuenca.

According to the statistical projection made by this newspaper, and based on the efficiency so far (Emelec scored 7 out of 24 points played, i.e. 29.16%), if they keep a lower pace, the millionaires will probably only win two more games out of the remaining seven. With a draw along the way, he would collect a maximum of 14 points in the initial phase.

If he improves on his current performance (29.16%) and doubles his efficiency percentage (up to 60% in just the remaining seven days), Emelec could collect a maximum of 21 units, making it half a dozen wins. (D)