Along with some photos from the love of his life, Santiago Gangotenacommunicator Macarena Valarezo She briefly said goodbye to social networks until the departure of her fully healed husband, who died last Friday, April 21, in Valareza due to a traffic accident.

“I will miss you all my life love”: Macarena Valarezo released a video of Santiago Gangotena revealing his passion for food

Valarezo published two publications with this decision, in which he thanked all the messages of support he received since the unexpected loss of the founder University of San Francisco de Quito.

“Dear friends on behalf of Santiago and I want to thank you for so many messages of sincere love that I have received, this is a terribly strong moment”he wrote on his Instagram.

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Valarezo explained that he is moving away from the networks because he wants to have enough time to assimilate this tragedy. “I’m going to leave the nets for a while until I can breathe again without the immense pain I have in my soul”he expressed.

“My great love was a little ahead of me, I hope to see him soon wherever he is”narrowed.

‘You gave me the happiest five years of my life, fly high my love. I hope to be with you soon’: Macarena Valarezo

The communicator got her followers on Instagram and Tik Tok used to her funny videos, and she shared some with Gangoten. “I love you very much and thank you for loving me and for loving my Santi”Valarezo said.

Gangotena and Valarezo were in a relationship for five years, and they got married in 2021.