In an interview with The Washington Post, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky revealed that the United States failed to warn about the leak of dozens of classified documents from the Pentagon.

The leader avoided considering the material sensitive.

The hearing of Jack Teixeira, accused of leaking classified US documents, is postponed.

“It doesn’t help the reputation of the White House and I think it doesn’t help the reputation of the United States,” said the president, who suggested he couldn’t speak freely because he didn’t want to. clouds his relationship with Washington in all-out war with Russia.

The leaks, which took place a few months ago on the social network Discord and were recently exposed by various media outlets, including the Post, contain compromising details of Ukraine’s strategy.

They also reveal shortcomings in Ukraine’s air defenses as Kiev prepares for a major offensive against invading forces.

The prime suspect in the leaks, Jack Teixeira, a young member of the National Guard who worked at a Massachusetts Air Force base, has been charged with sending and requesting classified information.

On April 17, the Pentagon announced the launch of an “in-depth” 45-day investigation into its security systems after suffering that leak, one of the largest it has seen in a decade.