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Google goes to war with Apple. The company already has enough “green” and “blue bubbles”

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This is, of course, a great simplification, but the problem is serious and has been under discussion for years. It was even dubbed the “blue” and “green bubble” wars. In short, when an iPhone user writes a message to another iPhone user, it is presented in a “blue bubble”. In this case, the iMessege messenger allows you to send photos and videos in high quality, or to add various reactions to the conversation (e.g. thumbs up).

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The situation changes when an iPhone user is talking via iMessege to an Android smartphone user. Then the popular application switches to the outdated SMS / MMS standard, and messages are presented in a “green bubble”.

This raises many technical problems. The SMS / MMS standard makes it difficult to conduct group chats, send photos (MMSs are over 20 years old!), And there is also the lack of any encryption.

Google Google

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In Poland, this problem is not very noticeable. This is due to the fact that Apple devices are still less popular with us than Android smartphones. The USA is different. There, almost life drama occurs. Many Android users complain that they feel alienated when they are the only “green bubble” in a group conversation and cannot communicate with their iPhone interlocutors on an equal footing.

Apple could of course easily solve the problem and improve the quality of communication between iPhone and Android. It would be enough if the company from Redmond implemented the RCS standard for iOS. What is RCS? It’s just a new SMS – with encryption, better quality of multimedia files, and a host of other amenities. The problem is that Apple does not want RCS in iPhones.

Google has had enough. The company says STOP to “blue” and “green bubbles”

Google has been appealing to its market rival for years, to end the division of users into “better” and “worse” and enabled RCS support on iOS. So far, however, such appeals have been unsuccessful.

Now the giant from Mountain View has decided to go a step further. The company starts the campaign #GetTheMessege and hopes that this time Apple will yield to pressure from consumers themselves. A special tab has appeared on the official Android website where Google is trying to explain, why stubbornness on the part of the iPhone maker is harmful to both iOS and Android users.

It’s not about the color of the bubbles. It’s all about blurry videos, broken group chats, missing read receipts, not being able to send SMS over Wi-Fi, and much more. These problems exist because Apple refuses to adopt modern messaging standards.

On the launched website we will also find, among others information on where the RCS standard is better than the SMS standard, or the opinions of embittered users. What’s more, Google even encourages iPhone users to switch to alternative messengers to iMessege, which are based on modern communication standards. It’s about Signal and WhatsApp.

It is worth noting, however, that although in this situation Google is trying to assume the pose of a good company that cares about its users, this giant from Mountain View also has its ears.

On the one hand, Google allegedly wants to popularize RCS, and on the other, the only Android application that supports RCS is … a native messenger for sending messages. This is due to the fact that the company refuses to provide the API (application programming interface) to support RCS on Android to developers of other messengers. It feels a bit hypocritical.

Source: Gazeta

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