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The computer “senses” that you are close.  Windows 11 will get some great features

The computer “senses” that you are close. Windows 11 will get some great features

The computer “senses” that you are close.  Windows 11 will get some great features

Microsoft has provided testers with several novelties that should be available to all Windows 11 users in the near future. For example, viewing photos from Windows Explorer and taking screenshots has been significantly improved. And this is not the end.

Windows 11, which is today’s flagship version of “Windows”, constantly receives packages with new products, which – at least according to Microsoft – are supposed to make our lives easier. In the first place, of course, they go to testers using preview versions of the system, but soon they should also come to computers of all users. And this time there is definitely something to look forward to.

Some news in Windows 11. The computer will detect your presence

The first quite significant change in Windows 11 is the function of detecting our presence. As part of the Presence Sensing feature, which was updated in the Insider Preview in April, the user can prohibit or allow specific applications to access computer sensors that detect the user’s presence (if the device has such sensors).

This means that the laptop will not only lock the screen when you move away from the screen to protect our privacy. For example, when the user is absent, notifications may not appear on the screen or may be shown with hidden content. Microsoft ensures that this data will be processed only locally on a given computer and will not be sent to the company’s servers.

Gallery option in Windows 11 Explorer photo: Windows Blog (

Another change will please people who often view photos on the computer. So far, when viewing photos from Windows Explorer (e.g. in a folder on the desktop), we have seen files with thumbnails that allow a very limited preview. Now the Gallery tab will appear in the Explorer, which will look very much like what we know from the Photos application. Thumbnails will be adjusted to the proportions of the photo, it will be possible to filter them, and the whole thing can also be viewed in the form of a timeline. Moreover, the user will be able to select the folders whose content will be displayed in the Gallery. Photos from OneDrive will also appear there. The gallery will also automatically display in the file selection dialog, e.g. when uploading files to an email.

It will also be easier to terminate unwanted processes. The function is especially useful when the application freezes and does not respond to attempts to simply close it.

Until now, terminating processes was possible only from the Task Manager, where – after selecting a program from the list of currently running ones – we have the “End task” icon. Now the same command will appear when you right-click on the application icon in the taskbar. This is a significant simplification of work in an emergency situation.

The operation of the Print Screen key will also be changed. Almost always, he was responsible for saving a screenshot of the entire computer screen in the clipboard. In new versions of Windows 11, it is supposed to activate the tool for cutting out fragments of the screen, which so far we could activate with the Windows + Shift + S shortcut. Quite useful, because the image section marked with the cursor is automatically copied to the clipboard.

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