The Missouri State Department has charged an 85-year-old man with the shooting of an African-American teenager who accidentally rang the doorbell at his home.

The event took place on Thursday evening, April 13, and it happened when Yarl wanted to pick up his brothers from a friend’s house when he rang the wrong doorbell. The man identified as Andrew Lester was behind a glass door when he wordlessly shot him.

Of the shots that hit Yarl, one hit him in the head.

Outrage over the matter escalated throughout the weekend afterwards revealed that the owner of the house was released without charge after 24 hours in custody. On Monday, however, Clay County attorney Zachary Thompson made the announcement Lester faces two felonies, one of first degree assault and one of armed criminal action.

Bail was set at $200,000.

aid campaign

Yarl’s aunt, Faith Spoonmoore, is running a campaign through the GoFundMe platform saying her cousin didn’t have a phone and rang the doorbell a block away from the house where his brothers were and that after he was shot, he got up and ran to the house asking neighbors for help.

“Unfortunately, he had to run to three different houses before someone finally agreed to help him after being told to lay down on the floor with his hands up,” she said.

Yarl is a member of the Technology Student Association and the Olympia Science team, and is also in the jazz well as a section leader in the musical band and is regarded as one of the top basic clarinetists in the state.

He aspired to specialize in chemical engineering and has been described as “a kind soul”, “calm”, “friendly”, “good manners”, “always ready to help”, “super intelligent”, and a “musical genius” by his entourage. .

“Ralph was looking forward to finishing high school and finally getting the chance to visit West Africa before going to university,” he adds.

The aunt revealed that it’s a miracle she’s still alive and that despite being physically healthy, it’s a long road she has to go through. Therefore, a campaign was opened in which it is expected to raise $ 2.5 million, the goal of which has already been exceeded. This money would be used to pay medical bills and therapy, as well as the remaining money for college expenses, a trip to Africa and more.

The White House announced Monday evening that President Joe Biden had spoken to Yarl by phone “and shared his hopes for a speedy recovery.”

That’s what a family representative said CNN that Yarl is recovering at home and was told at the hospital that although he was not out of danger, he could go home, though he still has to fight through the ordeal.