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Google boss: AI can be very harmful.  It doesn’t let me sleep at night

Google boss: AI can be very harmful. It doesn’t let me sleep at night

– Artificial intelligence can be very harmful if implemented incorrectly. A global regulatory framework is needed, stressed Google director Sundar Pichai. He added that he himself does not fully understand how AI works.

In the program “60 Minutes” on the American CBS station, the director admitted that he did not fully understand how the artificial intelligence of his corporation generates answers to the questions asked. – There’s an aspect of what everyone in the field calls the “black box.” You don’t fully understand. And you can’t really say why she said that or why she got it wrong,” Sundar Pichai said. “I don’t think we fully understand how the human mind works either,” he added.

Google Director Sundar Pichai: Artificial Intelligence Can Do Serious Damage

The director of the world-famous company also pointed out that AI can cause serious damage through its ability to create disinformation. – With artificial intelligence, it will be easy to create a video in which Scott Pelley (journalist interviewing at CBS – editorial note) says something, or I say something that we never said. And it could look realistic. But on a social scale, it can cause a lot of damage, he stressed.

At its price, society is not ready for rapid advances in technology. However, he noted that people have at least become more vigilant and pay more attention to the potential dangers of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence a threat? Google CEO: A global regulatory framework is needed

Sundar Pichai called for a global regulatory framework for nuclear weapons treaties. A Google executive warned that competition to develop more advanced technology could lead to security concerns being sidelined. – AI can be very damaging if implemented poorly and we don’t have all the answers yet and technology is changing fast. So does that keep me from sleeping at night? Definitely yes, he concluded.

At the end of March, the billionaire and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates spoke in a rather optimistic tone about artificial intelligence. In his opinion, AI can support the labor market, education and health care. Gates also pointed out the dangers of the development of this technology. The billionaire estimated that people could commit serious abuses. He also warned of the rise of a “super artificial intelligence” that could “set its own goals”.

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