Cristian Montenegro is accompanied at home by his partner, Natalia Ortiz, and their children. With every exit or spread of photos, they become the talk of all. The man seems to care little, he is “happy” with his family.

That family attracts attention by its appearance. All five of them exist, but only Cristian is real, flesh and blood. His wife and children are rags.

This 27-year-old man is looked at on the street and looked at again when he is with ‘his loved ones’. For some, both inside and outside Colombia, this situation is troubling.

He created his mate and children from dust

The man from Bogotá, according to Infobae, “after several loving disappointments, made the decision to start his own family, consisting of four rag dolls.”

He has said: “I just can’t stay. I have learned to appreciate love. Appreciate yourself too.”

For his partner, who is 26 years old, he took care of the details: defined eyebrows, red lips, long hair and he put on glasses.

As his family grew, he introduced his children to Adolfo Daniel, now 7 years old; and Leidy Maria, 4.

He recently announced the birth of the third, named Sammy.

Why such a family

Everyone’s question is, why did he make his family in rags?

According to Infobae, many people speculated that Cristian had lost his family and so he sought refuge in the dolls; however, it was he who revealed that the creation of his fictional family came about after a failed love affair.

Apparently he dated a co-worker for a while. “We ended up disgusted, but mainly because he used me; I was talking to someone else,” he told a media outlet in his country, El Tiempo reported.

He believes they will accompany me in this adulthood, he says.

According to Infobae, Montenegro went so far as to say that “he burned the rag dolls and assured that he was already in a real relationship with a Mexican woman he had met on social networks”.

The relationship was short and again he showed himself with his dolls. It was when he announced that his girlfriend was pregnant.

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A psychological problem?

On the street they call him ‘crazy’. He replies that he “loves” his family.

Those who know her case, like a woman consulted by City TV, think that “she could have tragically lost her family and been left in that state.”

That medium said that what lives is called “objectophilia.” It is not about a mental disorder, experts told that station from the neighboring country.

Remind Infobae that he was seen beaten in a video posted by Montenegro.

And he declared: (…) I must have someone for the rest of my life. Otherwise I can’t be alone or anything…I don’t even know what to do, I try to do what I can, again they left me like this…this life I have like this is hell and I know not what to do”.

This story became known in mid-2022 and in September, the man from Bogotá said that “if in the future he does not find a meat partner to share his life with, he will move on with his girlfriend and his rag children, but he is not ready to be left alone and even he plans to marry the doll.