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MEF approved the transfer of more than S/600 million in favor of regional and local governments

MEF approved the transfer of more than S/600 million in favor of regional and local governments

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) approved this Saturday, April 1, the transfer of S/430 million to 15 regional governments and 149 local governments to guarantee the execution of 300 investments that were already underway, but that require additional resources to its culmination.

The transfer is made at the request of the regional and local governments to finance the execution of projects under the scope of the National System of Multiannual Programming and Investment Management, which had a budget for fiscal year 2022, but which were not fully executed. , thus generating pending contractual commitments.

The MEF indicated that these investments are viable or approved, active and not closed, with unearned commitments as of December 31, 2022. “The transferred resources will be aimed at ensuring their execution, which will have a positive economic impact on the development zone and for the population that will have more services,” he mentioned in a press release.

The ministry, chaired by Alex Contreras, also stressed that the amount transferred is within the limits established by the Public Sector Budget Law for Fiscal Year 2023, and that this transfer guarantees the execution of investments with a signed contract, contributing to economic reactivation and job creation in the regions.

Transfer to regional governments that complied with the REI

On the other hand, the MEF through Supreme Decree 051-2023-EF approved the transfer of S/180 million from the Public Sector Budget for Fiscal Year 2023 to 5 regional governments and 299 local governments that met the recognition indicator for the investment execution (REI).

These regional and local governments reached the investment execution goal as of December 31, 2022, corresponding to the second tranche of the REI and, therefore, have been recognized for their investment execution capacity. “The objective of the REI is to improve the capacity of regional and local governments to carry out investments, through a transfer of resources conditional on meeting investment execution targets,” the ministry said.

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