Jorge Bergoglio took the name Francis together with the papacy. This name was given in reference to Saint Francis of Assisi, because of his relationship with the poor and his simple way of life. Bergoglio is the first pope to bear this name, but there are instances where it is repeated more than once.

Juan is the name most commonly used by the popes, 23 popes in total have borne it. They are followed by Gregorio and Benedicto, each with 16. And in third place, Clemente, with 14.

Names adopted by the popes Number of potatoes with those names
Juan Pablo 2
Celestine 5
Sixtus 5
Paul 6
Alexander 8
Urban 8
Esteban 9 or 10
Cheap 12
Lion 13
innocent 13
Mercifully 14
Benedict 16
Gregory 16
John 23

There are two names that may not be used by popes: jesus and peter. Since all popes are representatives of God on earth and successors of the apostle Peter.

On the other hand, Juan is not only a name commonly used by the head of the Catholic Church, it has also been carried by blessed, martyrs and saints. Among them are: San Juan I, martyr; Juan Nepomuceno, Juan Damascene, Juan de Capistrano, and in Mexico, San Juan Diego Cuautlatoatzin.

How do you choose a pope?

When a pope dies or resigns. The electors, a number of priests from all over the world, come together in the so-called conclave, the event held by the College of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church to elect the new pope.

The place of the election is the Sistine Chapel, where the cardinal electors meet in conditions of seclusion and maximum isolation from the outside world, to prevent any kind of burglary. The candidacies are presented and the strict supervision.