A man has been “living” with his mother’s corpse for the past 13 years. He had it mummified on a couch in his home, Poland’s authorities revealed, a find that stunned citizens of that country and the rest of the world.

The “spooky discovery” was made after the man’s brother-in-law decided to visit him seemingly unexpectedly at his home in the small town of Radlin in southwestern Poland, Italy writes.

The mummified corpse lay on the couch, in front of a television. In the same closet, apparently, he hid it so as not to arouse suspicion.

what happened in Poland

After the terrifying scene, authorities easily deduced that the woman’s son dug her up to take her home.

The man was identified as Marian “L”, aged 76. The brother-in-law came to stay in that house for a few days and, according to El Heraldo de México, “He realized for several nights that his relative was wandering outside the house and seemed angry.”

Given the situation, he decided to call the paramedics to attend to the brother-in-law, “so when he came in, they gave him first aid, but they also noticed a strange smell in the chair.”

During house searches they found the mummified corpse on a couch, among a mountain of newspapers from 2009.

According to the media, the distance between the house and the cemetery is 300 meters. Photo: taken from Daily Mail

The empty grave: he dug up his mother

After the discovery, the police were alerted and confirmed the presence of a mummified female body.

The lady was Jadwiga L, who passed away in January 2010.

The next step was to check the tomb and indeed they confirmed that “it was empty, suggesting that the man dug up his mother’s body immediately after the burial and then mummified it,” said Joanna Smorczewska of the State’s Office. prosecutor.

It is thought that Marian “L”, whom some users in networks have come to refer to as “Vampire”, mobilized her mother’s body on her bicycle, a transfer that was made easy for her, since the distance between the house and the cemetery is 300 meters.

Thirteen years later, that son is accused of desecrating a corpse

The Mexican outlet quotes prosecutor Marcin Felsztynski as saying that Marian “L” “must have used some chemical products to mummify the corpse.”

When they examined the home, “the smell of mothballs was noticeable,” authorities later said.

Marian “L” is still awaiting the progress of the legal proceedings for this shady case. Neighbors of this man said they did not know his name and described him as “very lonely”.

In the Daily Mail they point out that the discovery of the body was made in February and the news only comes out now after the suspect was accused of desecrating a corpse.