this morning, Don Day He arrived with news for his 256,000 followers: he’s back with a Salvadoran Elizabeth staff. After the public separation at the beginning of this month and saying ua live Instagram “I have nothing to do with her”, actor from Society 593 He shared what his atonement was.

you are in a lot of pain. A different relationship does not mean that you will not have problems. Moreover, I feel that every time more and more and more and more and more will come… hahahahahahaha the point is to overcome them,” he wrote in publish. On March 11, the translator confirmed that he was no longer with him Elizabeth from two months ago. He described his breakup with the following sentence: “Love knocked on the door.” He died waiting.”

However, it did not cause an echo on social networks, but it is another of his comments in which it is assumed that he is drinking and talking about his ex-partner: “All these Elisdays from ***, Stop talking about my relationship, because I don’t have a sexual relationship, I’m done. I am lonely, brother, I’m all for that fucking relationship. Don’t screw me over.”

Don Day confirms his breakup with Elizabeth Cader: Love knocked on the door. died waiting

Former competitor The power of love He later admitted that his behavior was not the best: “I made a mistake, I am an adult capable of recognizing mistakes, and I know that it was not the way and I don’t want to make excuses”. The actor specified in his request that the “final process of their relationship” be respected.

In the face of all these controversies, she wanted to fix the situation not only with herself but also with her fans, so she felt it necessary to write a paragraph in which she explained a little how they managed to overcome it and return to courtship: “Life teaches us things every day. And among so many experiences, one thinks that they have lived through them all. You, my life has completely stopped and how nice it is to study (…), we learn every day. I know our prayers GOD heard them. I love you“.

Elizabeth He responded with the following words: “We put our relationship in God’s hands. I know our story will have a ‘happily ever after’.” The photo also shows them happy in an electrical appliance store, which means they may already be thinking about the next step in their life together without his parents. (AND)

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