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Three tips not to appear ‘writing …’ on WhatsApp

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Privacy in WhatsApp is one of the things that users look for the most; avoid at all costs that the sender or other contacts know what they are doing in real time while they are in the application.

WhatsApp: know the ‘secret trick’ to reply to messages faster

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WhatsApp has become a tool for work and study, in addition to leisure. When having chats from work, studies, friends and family, it can sometimes become difficult to respond to all of them on time. While there are controls to limit who sees the shared statuses, hide the last connection time, the profile photo and certain information, the moment when the other party is writing a text is not possible to hide. Or so it was believed.

The trick of WhatsApp to block a contact without opening the chat and not leaving the seen. Image: pexels

Now, thanks to a trick it is possible and it is nothing to write home about.

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WhatsApp will allow you to hide the ‘last time’ time from certain contacts

What you should do is put your cell phone on airplane mode, which will override all wireless connections. Easy right? In this way, we can read the message, respond calmly and send it, although it will appear marked with a clock icon. When we remove this mode, the message will reach the contact; however, the sender will not know when we wrote it.

Another trick for those who have a device with an Android operating system will be to use the notepad and widget.

Photo: taken from Xakata

Photo: taken from Xakata

The first step, according to the portal Engadget, is to access the main screen of the device and hold it down for a few seconds until it vibrates and the options appear, including a call widget. Select the option and search for WhatsApp.

It is widget It is in the form of a WhatsApp conversation, you will have to drag it to your screen and thus, through this widget by WhatsApp we can see all unread text messages without anyone knowing, including messages from groups. Then, we must open our notebook and write the message or response that we want to send, but calmly and without pressure. Finally, we copy the response to the clipboard and paste it into the WhatsApp chat.

As a third trick and exclusive for Android users, there is the option to download an alternate app: Flychat.

The trick is too simple: download the application and use it. With this method we can and respond to messages from any chat application without having to open it.

After installing it from the Google app store, we grant it permission to overlay the screen. We will begin to receive floating bubbles for each conversation, just as it happens with Facebook Messenger. (E)

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