He prince harry arrived this Monday, March 27 at the Supreme Court by London for a preliminary hearing against “Associated Newspapers”; The group of media which has several British tabloid newspapers As the Daily mail, Mail Online, The mail on Sunday or meterfor alleged eavesdropping and other violations of the privacy.

The presence of the Duke of Sussex in London was quite a surprise, as he lives in London California, USAwith his wife Megan Markleafter leaving his functions within the British Royal Family in 2020, as reported by El País.

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Prince Harry’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers

the son of King Charles III presented one ask against the media group along with other entertainment industry figures, including the singer Elton John and her husband, the filmmaker david deliversthe actress Elizabeth Hurley golf businesswoman Sadie Frost.

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The seven plaintiffs filed this class action last year, but the restrictions imposed by the journalistic group included that the specific details of their complaints have not yet been made public.

This is evident from a statement issued in October by the lawyers of Prince Harry and Sadie Frost, the case against Associated Newspapers It includes charges, including allegedly hiring private investigators to secretly place listening devices in cars and homes and record private phone conversations.

His lawyers said at the time that the class of prosecutors “has become aware of compelling and deeply disturbing evidence from those who have been victims of heinous criminal activity and grave invasions of privacy” by the Associated Newspapers, the group also responsible for the Sunday newspaper The Mail On Sunday.

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Associated Newspapers response

from the group Associated Newspapers they denied these allegations “completely and unequivocally”. The preliminary hearing began on Monday, March 27, and is expected to last several days, during which the journalistic group would seek the dismissal of the case.

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Last year, Prince Harry won the same newspaper in another defamation claim: The newspaper published an article claiming he had lost contact with the Royal Navy after his departure from the really at homeinformation that was not true.

The relationship between the Dukes of Sussex and the british press It’s very tense, because they took it upon themselves to tell. The media harassment of their lives and the royal family’s nonexistent action to defend them is one of the reasons why Harry and Meghan decided to step down from their royal duties and move to California.

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