Without words, leave the story of Mauricio, a 102-year-old grandfather. His long life is not as surprising as what he did three years ago: at the age of 99, he decided to divorce.

It was his second marriage and with a bit of humor he describes from Argentina how his health was when he approached his century of life.

Before I got divorced I got sick, had tachycardia, high blood pressure and felt really, really bad all day.

This was mentioned when consulted in the television space “Nosotros a la mañana” published by Clarín.

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Health improved after divorce

“After two or three months, all the ailments disappeared, the hypertension stopped, the tachycardia stopped.”

Mauricio, loaded with the wisdom that the years give, gave his secret to embracing longevity.

Love is very important and above all not having hate, he said on March 22, 2023 on his 102nd birthday.

“You can live for many years, with great love for all people. The best recipe I learned from a poet (José Martí) who said: ‘I grow a white rose both in June and in January for the sincere friend who gives me his frank hand. And for the cruel one who plucks out the heart with which I live, neither a thistle nor a nettle grows, I grow a white rose.’

That’s my guide to living for many years,” he revealed.

reading and technique

At his age, he says his eyesight is letting him down a bit, but he won’t stop reading.

“Memory is exercised thanks to reading,” he advised.

Modern technology helps me with mobile phones that allow you to enlarge the letter, bring it closer, or the computer that you have much closer than the television

He told the drivers of the TV room that he does well with technology. He manages his Facebook account “and I have WhatsApp on hand.”


Mauricio’s first wife, the mother of his children, died at the age of 64. “He had cancer and died four years after it was discovered.”

I always have her in my heart, said this man.

“Today I enjoy the love of my children and all the people who know me.”

As for his daily routine, he confessed that every morning he does his exercises, goes to the park. “If I can’t, I’ll walk out onto the terrace.”

At age 102, he describes himself: “I was a great pacifist, I’m romantic and I’ve always preferred love to hate.”