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Ergobia and Etxauri, first finalists of ‘Harri Herri’

Ergobia and Etxauri, first finalists of ‘Harri Herri’

Ergobia and Etxauri, first finalists of ‘Harri Herri’

Euskaraz irakurri: Ergobia eta Etxauri, ‘Harri Herri’ saioko lehen finalistak

Ergobia and etxauri have been the most skilful teams with the unworked stones of “Herri” and “Harri”, and have qualified for the final on April 10. In the women’s category, Zelai’s team had 12 seconds less and took the victory. In the men’s category, the Ostolaza team led by 10 seconds and has achieved one more lift.

The format of the Harri Herri program is special. And it is that the objective of group work is get as many lifts as possible with the worked stones to have more time with the clumsy stone at the end. In fact, it will be the latter that gives the team victory.

Each lift with the carved stones will add some time to the final attempt. In the female category, each lift to the cube will add 5 seconds, cylinder 4 and the ball 2. In men the square and cubic add up to 4 seconds, cylinder and ball 2 seconds.

In the duel between Ergobia and Ulia it was up to Joseba Ostolaza to divide the time to lift each stone and he gave 2 minutes to the box of 88 kilos, 3 minutes to the 63 kilo cylinder and one minute to the 50 kilo ball.

With the box they have faced udane ostolaza and karmele gisasola. Ostolaza, from the Ulia group, was the first to grab the stone and picked it up 7 timeswhile Gisasola has done so in 9 occasions. Then the turn of the cylinder has come, patricia Martin It has been carried 31 times the stone on the shoulder and Lierni bear has not been able to match the mark, with 27 lifts. Finally, they have participated olaia esnaola and garazi arruti with the ball The one led by Ostolaza has raised the stone 14 times. Garazi Arruti, however, has taken 11 times the stone on the shoulder

So things, Ulia has added a time of 3 minutes and 7 seconds (35 second, 124 second and 28 second bonuses) and Ergobia 2 minutes and 55 seconds (bonus 45 seconds, 108 seconds and 22 seconds). karmele gisasola She was the first to meet Herri, although at first she shook her head, then she raised 10 times the clumsy stone olaia esnaolahowever, it has only managed to do a raisedconfirming the classification for the Ergobia final.

In the men’s competition, Ostolaza has also won the initial draw and has distributed the times of the lifts: 3 minutes for the 200 kilo box, 4 minutes for the cubic of 137.5 kilos, 2 minutes for the 125 kilo cylinder and one minute for the 100 kilo ball.

Work has begun with the painting Xavier aranburufrom Laukariz, and has made 6 lifts. Jokin eizmendi has made 3 more lifts (9). With the cubic, for their part, they have acted Jon Unanue and aimar Galarragaon this occasion the one from Laukariz has made more raises, fifteen; while the one from Etxauri has raised the cylinder 13 times. shabbat olaizola and imanol royo faces have been seen in front of the cylinder. The first has made 22 liftsthe second twenty. The last session with the carved stones was carried out by Gorka etxebarria and Paul Azpiazu with the ball, that they have achieved 12 and 17 raised respectively.

Etxauri thus arrived with a 10-second advantage to lift Harri, the stone without working in the men’s competition. The boys led by Ostolaza have had 2 minutes and 42 seconds (bonuses of 36 seconds, 52 seconds, 40 seconds and 34 seconds). Those of Zelai, for their part, have had 2 minutes and 32 seconds (24 second, 60 second, 44 second and 24 second bonuses). It is precisely this advantage that has made a differencesince Etxauri has qualified for the minimum, one more lift.

Source: Eitb

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