Dissatisfaction with the division of an inheritance led to murder and suicide. The accused of committing the murder, who a family mourns in Colombia, was an ex-reo

That man, hours before he killed a family member and injured two others, was seen drinking alcohol. Apparently he’s been drinking all night.

The events mourned today took place in Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, Noticias Caracol reported on March 21, 2023.

The rich and famous who refuse to share their legacy with their children

A police patrol was nearby and heard the shots.

They didn’t include it in the legacy

The next day, when the alcohol had already clouded his mind, the subject became angry and grabbed a firearm and made an attempt against his own weapon. He entered the house and shot one of his relatives. It cost him his life.

He continued with his finger on the trigger and shot two more people, who received medical attention.

“A police patrol was in the sector and heard the shots, went into a pedestrian street and saw a subject with a firearm firing at the uniformed officers. Thank God we were not hit,” said William Quintero, colonel and deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police of Santiago de Cali.

The man, seeing himself cornered by the uniformed men, shot himself.

The body was left on the public road. Quintero complained, “Apparently this was due to a legacy, supposedly the topic was not included in the distribution.”

The victim and the perpetrator’s past

The assassin was identified in El Tiempo as Juan Camilo Suárez, 25 years old and a native of Buenaventura. That medium reports that the murder took place in the Lleras Restrepo district.

The assailant, “showing signs that he had ingested liquor, approached the place where his family was holding a meeting and later fired indiscriminately, then shot himself.”

Colombian media reported that the suicide bomber was in prison for a murder.