In the campaign, to captivate the electorate, the candidates risk it. The idea is to reach a larger number of potential voters … understood an aspiring congressman in Argentina who raffled off a stripper show and is being criticized today.

The candidate, in Salta, called the competition and the response was positive: about 350 women were encouraged and participated, the media reported.

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A stripper show for Women’s Day

Griselda Galleguillos, who served as a councilor and is running for deputy for the province of Salta, chose to offer the erotic dance contest to celebrate Women’s Day.

The call was for those living in the town of Rosario de Lerma and the call caused controversy.

According to El Patagonico, Galleguillos responded to the criticism: “They’re not just moms, they have other roles and they deserve to enjoy themselves without prejudice.”

The invitation came through her Facebook account: “Surprise for Women’s Day, free!”

“At the request of the girls: if you get together this weekend and want to spend a nice evening with friends, don’t miss this opportunity. “Juancho” is Mister Universe Venezuela and it can be at your house (groups of 10 girls or more). It will give you a great show and many gifts. Requirements: be of age (…)”, the invitation read.

Despite the votes against, the competition went ahead and there were three winners, reports the southern press.

In the words of Galleguillos, what caught his attention the most were the fiery remarks of a group of women.

They told me since I was a prostitute that I’m not representative, that I’m useless, that I shouldn’t exist, very difficult things.

“With the show I also bring gifts for the girls: clothes, handbags, beauty and household products. Not with state money, but out of my pocket,” he replied to a user who did not like the lottery, according to La Nación.

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And the day came

The same candidate went looking for the favorite women in their home. According to the aforementioned medium, amid cotillion, light and music, the candidate for deputation explained what they would do.

Logically, he was accompanied by the dancer, who was dressed up for his stripper show. “I suggested doing a recreational activity, hiring a dancer to do a show, and giving a gift to all the women in attendance,” he said.

“raffle homework courses”

Griselda Galleguillos said before the stripper boy dance started that she knew this was enough to get votes.

Why don’t you give courses for the girls to do the dishes, clean the house, do things for the house?

That indicates that they asked her and she replied, “Women have a right to enjoy themselves, to have a good time, especially to put up with those who have their husbands at home.”

In his opinion, he did not call the match “incitement to eroticism and sexuality”.

The woman reported on her Instagram account another free course, this time in auto mechanics, for last March 18.

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Galleguillos has already been involved in controversies.

La Nación recalls that in 2021 it “made headlines when it danced on its terrace to a rap song that said:” The politicians on duty showed their fluff, their cheap honesty does not lower my panties. The ordinary politicians, who are never present, in suits and ties, are also criminals. Let it be clear to these little boys, with the Galleguillo’ the corrupt on the bench”.