a forest fire in Spainthe first of the year, is consuming 3,000 hectares and the expulsion of more than 1,500 people. The authorities indicate that the fire of this size is more typical for the summer season.

About 450 firefighterssupported by aerial equipment that fired water at the flames, are battling the fire this Friday that still appears to have not been extinguished.

The forest tragedy began Thursday afternoon in Villanueva de Viver, in the Valencian province of Castellón. According to the spokeswoman of the Valencian government, Aitana Mas, the displaced people belong to eight municipalities in the regions of Valencia and Aragon.

“We are still waiting and concerned about the fire,” which has already burned 3,000 hectares in a radius of 30 kilometers, Mas explained.

Manolo Nicolás, spokesman for the firefighters, assured that “the perfect ingredients have been put together to have a fire with these characteristics”, such as dry vegetation, due to the unusual lack of humidity in the area in recent months and a “large amount of of vegetable fuel in forests.

Apart from the high temperatures, Manolo Nicolás warned of the “westerly wind that will increase in the coming hours” and that “it will make the work of extinction more difficult”.