The privacy policy and high quality that distinguishes the prestigious Ritz hotel in the United Kingdom was jettisoned by the same head of security.

To surprise and outrage, the man is accused of using the hotel’s camera system to record intimate videos of those who came to stay.

The behavior of the now former head of security apparently qualifies as that of a voyeur.

The Ritz hotel has “a digital CCTV system with multiple cameras and screens, which is monitored in public areas to ensure the safety of our guests and employees or for investigative purposes,” describes The Sun.

Images captured at the Ritz hotel

The British press reported on Friday, March 23, that among the “dirty” recordings is a couple’s intimate encounter.

Also “creepy” close-ups of “unsuspecting” guests, the British media quotes.

All this commotion came to light when the camera system recorded an elderly couple flirting in a luxury elevator. Those images were filmed with a mobile phone.

Other shots include “a woman’s cleavage” being watched by two other girls and one of a “guest putting her hand on her friend’s ass, hidden from view of other guests, but taken by someone looking at the cameras looks”.

Ritz Hotel in London. Image of the sun Photo: unknown

A scandal

A source from The Sun described himself as “shocked” by what was revealed. “This is really outrageous.”

An investigation is conducted and it is learned that a security guard has been fired.

It was also clear that the investigation showed that the material was not shared with others and was limited to the actions of one person.

The investigation and its results are concerning because the Ritz is visited by members of the royal family and politicians from different countries.

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A night at this hotel, which dates back to 1906 and has more than 100 rooms, can cost as much as 1,385 British pounds ($1,691).