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What is the technology of quantum supercomputers?

What is the technology of quantum supercomputers?

What is the technology of quantum supercomputers?

The IBM computer that will arrive in San Sebastián will be very different from the ones we know. The researcher Iñigo Arrazola explains how a quantum computer works and what applications it can have.

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Euskaraz irakurri: Zertan datza superordenagailu kuantikoen teknologia?

The technology of quantum computerswhich is currently under development, will arrive in San Sebastián soon, thanks to the sixth IBM Quantum System One that will be installed in everything on the planet.

It is a totally disruptive technology, very different from that of current computers, since the qubits with which he works contemplates, at the same time, the two states at 1 or 0 of classical computing, which speeds up calculations and exponentially multiplies the options offered by these machines.

Inigo Arrazola is a researcher in this field at the TU Wien, the technical university of the Austrian capital. The Oñatiarra explains how this technology works.

Differences between classical and quantum computers.

The function of current quantum computers is mainly to continue research in order to create in the near future a supercomputer capable of helping human beings in matters of health (in the design of new drugs) or in terms of energy (in search of new materials that can help to be more efficient). These are some of the applications that quantum technology will have.

Quantum computing applications.

Quantum computing applications.

However, the importance of hosting a quantum computer goes further. According to Arrazola, as well as Javier Aizpurúadirector of Materials Physics Center, current quantum technology is a bet for the future. The scientists point out that entering the current map of these computers may offer in the future, when supercomputers are fully developed, a advantage position.

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