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Trade in discounts from Biedronka’s Shakeomat.  “I’m looking for hooves.”  And so instead of one, as many as 25 discounts a day

Trade in discounts from Biedronka’s Shakeomat. “I’m looking for hooves.” And so instead of one, as many as 25 discounts a day

Every day, Biedronka’s customers exchange discounts on purchases in Biedronka. All thanks to Shakeomat, which allows application users to generate a coupon with a promotion for an article once a day. Customers write to each other on Facebook looking for codes for specific products. – My record is 25 used discounts in one day – boasts Agata in an interview with As it turns out, Biedronka is aware of the problem.

On Facebook groups, customers exchange promotions as part of Shakeomat – a new application that allows you to take advantage of additional price promotions. After shaking the phone, the application shows one code for a randomly selected product that can be used by the user. However, customers began to exchange codes, because not always the selected article is the one they want to use.

The Biedronka application generates promotional codes. Customers have found a way to save more

According to the groups, you can find posts like “I’m looking for hooves”. After a while, the user gets a photo of the hoof promotion from another member of the group. However, in order to complete the purchase, the person for whom the application generated the coupon must also provide the Biedronka card number – otherwise the coupon cannot be redeemed. One day, even several dozen of such “transactions” appear on the group.

– My record is 25 used discounts in one day – says Agata in an interview with, who uses one of these groups on Facebook. Thanks to this exchange, she has already saved PLN 150 on. She adds that this is a time-consuming job, because exchanging and searching for offers can take her up to two hours a day. He saves the money for holidays.

Biedronka is aware of exchanges between customers. “We know it from the beginning”

According to the Biedronka network, the use of the application allows all customers to save almost PLN 430 million every month. – Social groups whose users exchange special offers assigned to their My Biedronka account were created right after we launched the Biedronka application. We know about their existence practically from the moment they were created – Marek Złakowski, Director of Customer Relationship Development and Digitization at Biedronka, told Rzeczpospolita.

As he added, the use of the promotion is allowed for own and non-commercial purposes, so bartering on groups is in line with these rules. However, he pointed out that the issue of security should not be underestimated. People who give access to their My Biedronka card number do so at their own risk and should be aware that the person who has the card number will continue to use it, depriving the rightful owner of the card of discounts.

The possibility of authorizing transactions performed using the Moja Biedronka card was also introduced. You can do it yourself through the application or the customer panel on the website or by contacting the Biedronka customer service office.

Source: Gazeta

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