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Laptops for fourth graders with an eagle.  This is how the government wants to fight the illegal sale of computers

Laptops for fourth graders with an eagle. This is how the government wants to fight the illegal sale of computers

The government intends to put the symbol of a crowned eagle on all laptops that will go to fourth graders. In this way, the authorities intend to prevent the illegal resale of computers. The equipment is also to contain a sticker with the European Union logo and information that the laptops were purchased with funds from the National Reconstruction Plan.

Among the controversies surrounding the government’s free fourth-grader program was the issue of the potential resale of computers, which some parents might opt ​​for. To counteract this, the government intends to mark equipment made available to students in a special way.

Crowned eagle on laptops for fourth graders. This is how the government wants to fight illegal sales

The government announced on March 22 about the planned methods of combating the illegal sale of laptops. The image and the inscription “Rzeczpospolita Polska” are to be placed inside the computer casing so that the markings are clearly visible and legible.

The Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity, Janusz Cieszyński, assured that the obligation to engrave the emblem on computers handed over to fourth-graders will not adversely affect the timetable for implementing government plans.

– It should be emphasized that the introduction of this designation will not affect the deadline for order fulfillment. We will widely inform about the existence of this protection to thwart any attempts to sell the equipment that should help – said Cieszyński.

As , guidelines for the marking of laptops for fourth graders appeared in response to inquiries from companies interested in providing equipment to students.

Computer designations for fourth grade students. In addition to the eagle, there is also the EU logo and information about KPO

There will also be other markings on the laptops, the placement of which is related to the requirements of the European Commission. The EU body expects a sticker with the EU logo to appear on the lid of the laptop and information that the purchase of the equipment was financed from the funds collected under the National Recovery Plan.

Detailed information on the markings can be found in the “Book of Visual Identification of the National Reconstruction Plan”. The document is available.

Source: Gazeta

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