White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby believed so China and Russia are united not by a true “alliance”, but by a “marriage of convenience”. He was referring to Xi Jiping’s readiness for dialogue as a mediator in the light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

China and Russiathey want to change the ruleswho control the international order, Kirby argued.

The United States does not view China as an “impartial” mediator between Moscow and Kiev in the war in Ukraine. I don’t think it can be considered China as reasonably impartial, in no wayKirby told reporters after a meeting in Moscow between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Beijing didn’t “condemn” the Russian invasion “or stop buying Russian oil”said Kirby, who also accused the Asian country of repeating “Russian propaganda” that claims the war in Ukraine was provoked by Western aggression.

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin

However, he assured that the United States wants to keep communication channels open with China and that US President Joe Biden still intends to meet with Xi. Kirby claims so China is not known to have provided military aid to Russia. The US government claims Beijing is considering it, but China denies it.

These are the White House’s harshest remarks about the Moscow-Beijing summit held at the Kremlin to demonstrate the strength of bilateral relations. That is what the Chinese president estimated these relationships are entering “a new era”.after signing a statement with its Russian counterpart to “deepen the strategic association” between the two countries.

Putin, in turn, praised the “special nature of Russian-Chinese relations”.